What We Do

Goldfish jumping from a small bowl into a bigger bowlWe enhance each practitioner's belief that they can support positive change in others and provide them with the skills they need to do so. 

This is achieved by increasing their knowledge and increasing their confidence in delivering a range of evidence-based interventions, expanding their 'toolbox' of skills.  These interventions include:

  • Core practitioner skills such as collaborative goal setting, active listening and rapport building
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Solution-Focused Brief Interventions
  • Node-Link Mapping and related collaborative approaches
  • Strength and Asset-based Assessment and Support

All training sessions are delivered in an interactive style.

We also take an holistic approach that seeks to support practitioners to build personal resilience and look after and help themselves, as well as looking after and helping others.

We aim to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of support provided
  • Improve the outcomes of interventions
  • Enhance practitioner job satisfaction
  • Decrease burn out and compassion fatigue

We promote interventions that build rapport and develop effective working relationships. We believe that this approach promotes the effectiveness of interventions, which in turn increase practitioner job satisfaction.