Inspiring practitioners to inspire others

Soma specialise in working with individuals and organisations that support people with complex needs:

  • Problematic drug or alcohol use
  • Offending behaviour
  • Mental health issues
  • Learning disabilities or autism

We believe that we can help you to make that support even better! 

We will achieve this by working with you to

  • Identify individual and organisational strengths
  • Develop the skill base of practitioners and front-line staff
  • Evaluate the processes and resources employed by your organisation
  • Improve the outcomes of the services and interventions that you provide

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Using 'Appreciative Inquiry' for Positive Change

May 29, 2018

Appreciative /əˈpriː.ʃə.tɪv/ showing that you understand how good something is, [...]

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Practitioner Belief and the Pygmalion Effect

May 21, 2018

In a study conducted in several different substance use support services, [...]

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Undiagnosed Autism in Adults in the CJS

May 14, 2018

A number of studies have been carried out over the last twenty years looking at [...]

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Professional Curiosity

May 8, 2018

Professional curiosity is most commonly associated with safeguarding within [...]

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